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Meet our team

IISES is a unique network of independent scientists and researchers with a critical approach.

We encourage experts from various scientific fields to face challenges critically and independently by refraining from political agendas and interest groups.

Due to the varied nature of the threats represented in our four arrows, our multi-disciplinary team is well-equipped to tackle them comprehensively.

We guarantee cutting-edge work that adheres to the highest academic standards.

Dr. Walter Schwimmer
  • Mail Contact

President of IISES

Former Secretary-General of the Council of Europe

Former member of the Austrian Parliament


Project: 'Hungerleiderhaus'

Welcome to the International Institute for Social and Economic Studies. Our Institute, IISES, is geared towards addressing today’s major global challenges in a scientific and practical manner.

Recalling UN Secretary General’s speech during the UN General Assembly, the world has never been more threatened or more divided than it is today. We are facing the 'greatest cascade' of crises on a global scale. I cannot, but fully agree with Mr. Guterres and fully support his calls for contributions towards countering theses threats and crises.

As for our part, IISES has identified four major fields of crises towards which our actions are to be directed. We call them our '4 Arrows', which define our mission statement. Together with our partners, we seek to tackle them. We urge you to join us in our efforts and I personally look forward to welcoming you to our IISES community. 



Dr. Ana Langovic-Milicevic
  • Mail Contact

State Secretary SRB

Presid. adviser @SRB govt

Prof. of Mgmt. @Univ. of Kragujevac

Business | Intercult. Mgmt.

Dr. Wendelin Ettmayer
  • Contact person

Fmr. Austrian ambassador

@CoE, CA, FI, EE, JM

Diplomacy | East-West relations

Dr. Jens Wendland
  • Contact person

Prof. Cultural & Media @Humboldt (GE) & MSU (RU)

Media Change | Culture

Côme Carpentier
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@World Affairs Journal

France | India | East Asia

Vakant. Wird bei der ordentlichen Generalversammlung im November besetzt.


Board Members

Dr. Shpetim Caushi
  • Contact person

Fmr. Ambassador (ALB)

to Skandinavia, GE, SXB, FR.

Diplomacy | Law | Pol. Sciences

Dr. Dragan Bisenic
  • mail_black_24dp 1

Fmr. Ambassador

to EG, SRB, PS, OM & UAE

Diplomacy | Mid. East | Int. Rel.

Scientific Council Members

Dr. Raffaele Marchetti
  • Contact person

Prof. & dep. rec. @LUISS (IT)


Int. Rel. | Pol. risk | Democr.

Dr. Ghoncheh Tazmini
  • Contact person

Visiting fellow @LSE

Middle East | IR-RU allignment

Dr. Walter Mignolo
  • Mail Contact

Prof. @Duke (U.S.A) | Writer

Global Coloniality | Geopolitics

Dr. Fabio Petito
  • Contact person

Sen. Lect. @Sussex (U.K.), Head @ISPI (IT) 

Belief & Foreign Policy | Int. Rel.

Dr. Johannes Maerk
  • Contact person

Lecturer @Diplomatic Academy Vienna

Latin America | Int. Development


Sofiya Sapryka, BBA
  • Contact person
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